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Handbook on Traditional Sports and Games

  • The partnership created the Handbook on the Traditional Sports describing each of the 7 sports history, rules, required equipment, benefits for health, physical, intellectual and social skills of practitioners, importance, ways to practice the sport, recommendations for teachers/sport activators/public authorities for increasing the popularity of these sports and adoption of younger population as tools for fighting against sedentarism, social exclusion and social distancing and improve population health levels.
  • The aim of the handbook is to promote the project traditional sports and games and facilitate the learning and teaching of these sports by sport practitioners and sport activators, educators, professors or directly by young people curios to learn new things about European cultural heritage in sports or to discover new ways to do physical activity in a fun way together with family and/or friends.
  • This  handbook is a delivrable of the project ,,United Through European Traditional Sports”   (622885-EPP-1-2020-1-RO-SPO-SSCP)

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