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Our Story

National Sport Leaders Network is an association formed by a group of enthusiasts in order to create positive social changes through sports. National Sport Leaders Network is formed in 2018. Our mission is to implement consistent and sustainable programs for the development of
the sport, in particular, ensuring that children can take part in recreational and competitive sports activities while contributing to the social strengthening of the community and creating high ethnic and moral values. Our story starts when our group of 12 people was selected to go on Sport Diplomacy program at George Mason University in the USA. After coming back we decided to start an association and making positive changes through sport in Europe. Now as a group, we are more than 20 people in this network who work at the national level. National Sport Leaders Network work is built on four main strategic pillars:

  1. Peace building and social cohesion through sport
  2. Combating racism and social influence through sports
  3. Promoting gender equality through sport
  4. Education through Sport (ETS)

Jovan Kamcev
Jovan has master degree at Law Faculty and also has long experience working at NGO sector, he has Sports diplomacy certificate from George Mason University, Fairfax, Virginia (United States), and he is certified Instructor for Social Inclusion through Sport by the German Society for International Cooperation (GIZ).

Nadica Jovanovikj
Nadica is a certified international expert for Sport for Development methodology, she is an active athlete and an excellent ambassador for sport and sports activites among the youth.

Dimitar Djordjiev
Dimitar is former triple World champion and European champion in amateur kickboxing. He is a law student, advocate for human rights and big proponent of involving girls in sport.

Teodora Mladenovska
Graphic Designer
Teodora is creative and passionate graphic designer, she is also student at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports and she also has Sports diplomacy certificate from George Mason University.